Monday, July 25, 2011

One more step :-)

Our homestudy! We just completed it and it's at our agency for review! YAY:)! We still have documents to mail for certification and then again for authentication...and a few more forms to fill out, but this is one step closer to bringing home our little one:)

We gathered our pictures for our dossier that goes to China. They want to see what we look like, our lifestyle...(etc) to better match us with a child. I put a few of them below that my Dad took for us yesturday. These will go in the batch we are sending of other misc. pictures ( I.E us with friends, us doing activites, and various other "snapshots" of our lives:)

Here is us in front of our house!

And here is a picture of us in front of one of our Fireplaces

and one for fun because we were DIE HARD HOT...and heat makes us goofy. Safe to say, this picture isn't going to China:)

Again..Too China:

and..Not to China ( I'm telling you...for Washingtonians...IT WAS HOT :)

This was the only usable one as it's been 10 years and 70 pounds ago since I've rollerbladed. All the others I have a look on my face of PURE FEAR, and I think a few tears too :) I"m determined to get comfortable on Rollerblades again:)

And the one of our faces Close up :) There are a few more we are sending, but these are the ones of mostly just us( Don't want to post other peoples pix without their permission:)


  1. What a gorgeous couple you guys are, and beautiful house

  2. Great pictures! Yes the house is AMAZING!

  3. I remember pulling our pictures together for our dossiers.....

    Great pics and I love your house! :)

    Can't wait to see Madeline's room.

  4. Your house is so beautiful and so are you two! You got some great (& some funny!) pictures! I have been thinking I need to get comfortable on rollerbllades again myself! It has been about ten years for me too...I am not sure, though,that I could recover from a broken bone these days like I could then. Lol!,

  5. Hi Sarah! So excited you found my blog -- isn't it great to connect with other APs? Welcome to the world of obsessive/compulsive waiting and paperchasing! Congratulations on getting that home study done! I'll be praying that you get a speedy I-800a approval, and that you see darling Madeline's face soon!! (and yes, lovely house, btw!)

  6. Great pics!! :-) and incase you have my permission to post any pix of me and my likeness!! lol