Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Waiting and Waiting...

We have yet to hear from our agency on our application. After 3 years of waiting, 4-10 business days seems like forever!

In the mean time, we are slowly preparing for Madeline and our trip to China. We finally traded in my little vw convertible. We loved that little car, but when we babysat a newphew it was next to impossible to fit in 3 dogs, 2 adults and a baby :). The SUV is much more practical, and we won't have to worry about our canine kids walking all over our human kid:)

The best part about my new car is the Miata is finally gone! Lee loved his little car. So much so that at 250,000 miles on the engine, he still couldn't part with it. Over the years it got dings, dents, and major scratches. The paint was chipping off and faded. The interior was ripped, torn,and stained :)The back plastic window was foggy and wouldn't zip up more than half way. Lee held the window up by using a little roll of carpet that would fall down as you drove, so half the plastic window would hang open. It was a a unique vehicle to say it nicely:) But I loved and respected the fact that my husband didn't care about all the odd looks he got as he drove it. He was determined, He was going to drive it into the ground!However, after talking about getting my new car, he finally relented and accepted the fact that the Miata needed to be retired. It gave him a great run...It was a blessing from God that the miata ran as long as it did, although it did look as though it was going to stop right there on the road at any moment and quit :) Now it is our garage ( I think Lee is saying goodbye slowley :-)
Hopefully my next post will be our acceptance from our agency!
God bless you all!