Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Care Package and new picture!

Our Madeline is at Starfish Foster home in Xian, China ( check them out here, she goes by Charlotte). It's such a wonderful place that provides all that she needs to enjoy a healthy and loving life until we can bring her home. That said, We still wanted to send her a little something for her Birthday and Christmas so we hired Lady Bugs in Love to put together a package for us. We sent her a picture of us to give to our daughter, a letter that she translated, candies for the nannies and money to buy a little doll. Here is what she put together for us:)

We love the pillow, and hopefully it will help our faces not seem so foreign to her on adoption day ( That is the hope of course:). The Foster home is providing a cake for her birthday.

To some, this may seem normal. But in the adoption world, the care and treatment our daughter is getting isn't :) She is so very blessed to be at Starfish:)

Amanda, the founder and director of Starfish, posted this picture on her Face book last night ( I'm sure she wouldn't mind me stealing it:). The date stamp is wrong, as it was just taken yesterday, but isn't it the most precious? That is our Madeline in the back holding the bottle and her best friend Jane trying to feed the new little baby. Our hearts MELTED seeing this:)

**Note for those whom may be concerned about her coloring...our cardiologist said it is completely normal and no harm is happening. It will go away once she is home and has her surgery*

But, we had to send her a little something for her Birthday and Christmas.