Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Homestudys, Fortune Cookies and Garage Sales

Our Homestudy WAS APPROVED by our agency! Woot woot! That means we get to fill out the I800A (thx Mary!) Form (Application for Determination of Suitability to adopt a child from a Convention Country form). This is a form we send to the American Government. It's currently a 2-3 month wait for approval.One more step closer! :-) Forgive the image quality. I took a picture of my computer screen and had to lighten it enough for you to read...making it a bit distorted:)

Also,I firmly believe that God can use crunchy pieces of goodness to deliver encouragment! Panda Express is a weakness of mine, but that was okay because the closest one to my house was 40 minutes round trip(making it difficult to indulge) Well,one was opened in my hometown right next to my other addiction(Starbucks!!!). Literally right next store. I was one happy girl. So, needless to say, my husband begrudgingly has been dragged there for dinner on more than one occasion. Each time I cracked that yummy fortune cookie I would ask God for maybe some special little fortunre for us about this adoption. Sure enough, he has delivered on more than one occassion! :-) Okay, I know these were pre-made...but out of the million of fortune cookies in their storage room, we got this one! This one really made us jump for joy...believe what you want, but I think it was divine :-)

And lastly! We had some things to get rid of. While normally we would just give them away or take them to the Goodwill, we decided to sell them at a Garage sale to help offset some of the expenses.

We had it at my In-Laws. I can't thank them enough! They went ABOVE and beyond anything I expected:) My Father in Law power washed his Driveway, trimmed the "Evil Cherry Tree" and made sure we have plenty of Tables. My inlaws also went and purchased a really nice White Canopy tent for my friends and I to sit under to escape the Heat ( It was pretty hot those days) My Mom in law priced, organized, and really made it all come together beautifully! Thanks Mom and Dad VanG!

I also wanted to thank my Mommy, she donated so many wonderful things. My sister Katie for all the toys, My Aunt in Law Gina for the Puzzles, My Mother in Law for all her misc. Items and Aunt in Law Aunt Judi for allowing us to sell some of her things for her to make our sale bigger:) And for my In-Laws neighbor Stacey who is just a Angel :-)

And, last but not Least, Amalia and Janeen. They sat out there with me in the Heat, and Amalia worked a crowd like no other. These two were pretty great considering I'm a sucker and can't stand my ground when it came to price bartering. These two really ROCKED! Here's me and Amalia on Saturday, Janeen was on Sunday. By Sunday I was too worn out and feeling oh so not pretty and avoided pix like the plague:-)

We still aren't matched yet, but it's coming! :)