Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We received all our documents back from the Chinese Embassy right after Christmas. They didn't Authenticate them because we didn't send in photocopies. Okay, we can deal with that. We made the copies and sent it off again. This time, desperatly hoping for them to come soon enough that we could be dossier to China by Chinese New Year. But just a few days ago, that little big envelope came back, with all our documents, again declined. But this time they put a note saying we are to seperate everything and send it in individually? Huh? The biggest rule of paperwork is not to remove the staple! I emailed a copy of it to our agency, and still awaiting their reply. So our dreams of being DTC before Chinese New Year was just that, a dream. We both know the Lord has everything in His timing, and we have learned many times again that His will/timing is always perfect. But it still hurt just a bit opening that envelope and seeing the documents returned again. In the mean time I am starting on Madelines 100 good wishes quilt. And, we are almost done with her room ( I'll post pics soon!) That should keep my mind occupied since I can't sew to save my life:)