Friday, November 30, 2012

3 months...

We have had our little Madeline for 3 months:) It's hard to remeber a time without her! I wish I could say it was an easy and smooth transistion for all of us...

I didn't get around to blogging because these last 3 months have been soley focused on Madeline adapting to her new environment ( and Lee and I adapting to being parents).

So, I figured I would start with a little history over the last three months! :-)

We LOVED China. Well, we didn't when we were there. It was dirty, it smelled funny, and the people weren't as friendly as we are used to. But after our intial culture shock, we grew to love everything about China. We are so longing to go back ( and hopefully for a particular little girl who has been waiting for a family for over a year) :-)  But more on that later...:)

Here are some pictures of our journey to Beijing! It was a frantic last minute dash, we were by no means prepared which is odd for Lee and I given we are both fanatic planners:-)

 A dear high school friend of mine was at the airport too! She was on her way to take a trip to Idaho to visit some friends and came over to see us for just a moment. I can't tell you how much my heart was warmed. I love this girl!

Me as my mom came into the door. You can't see it, but I was in TEARS. I hadn't scrubbed the toilets, I hadn't put on my makeup, we still had to stop by Kinkos to make copys of some paperwork, the car seat wasn't in the car yet ( nor was the car detailed). She cheered me right up though! She took this picture with a camera she bought for us. She buys them as a gift for all her daughters when they are welcoming their first child! It meant so much to me that she did it for us too :-)
 My mom and I as Lee drives us to the airport. I could hardly contain my nerves! I wish I could say I was happy and so excited, but at this point, I just needed sleep and something for the anxiety I was going through.
 This is Lee...sleeping on the plane. I was so jealous. I was up the entire flight. Darn those nerves!
 Once we arrived at our hotel, Lee got a message from his friend who was also in Beijing visiting his parents:) The guys went out for a drink while I went to the room to try to get a few hours of sleep. The next morning ( well, actually that morning, since it was 1 Am by the time we got to our room) we had a full day of tours!
More pictures to come as I want to remember everything before anymore of this journey escapes me!:)