Saturday, March 10, 2012


How did I get to be so blessed!??

Today is my 31st birthday and a volunteer(who I now
Call friend:-) at my Daughters foster home heard it was my birthday and sent this!!

I feel so incredibly blessed!:-)

Friday, March 9, 2012

We met Madeline!

                                        I've been waiting to write this blog post for awhile...

But I just haven't been able to bring my head out of the clouds!!

We had the WONDERFUL & AMAZING opportunity to meet our daughter Via Skype!

To summarize,a friend of a friend saw me on Facebook and recognized Madeline as one of the little girls at Starfish that she had met when she had volunteered there. She was there several months before we were matched with Madeline! Such a small world :)

We were able to connect with her and learn so much about our little girl:) Her daughter was planning on going back to Starfish in Feb. of this year to volunteer again. She promised to love on our girl for us:).

February had come and we received a few pictures. Every time I opened my email and saw RM's name I shrieked with joy. I knew what was going to be in that email...A new Picture!! Then one afternoon,along with a picture, she asked if we would like to Skype with her! She even mentioned that Madeline might be awake and we could see her! My heart was racing and I was almost in TEARS when I called Lee! I was excited to get to talk to RM over skype, as I wanted to thank her "in person" for the pictures, but the thought that I might see my daughter?!?!? I can't even begin to describe the emotions! :-)

It was 11 Pm  our time, but we were wide awake ( Thank you my dear Keurig...).

The sound wasn't working and when I tried to capture a picture on Skype, it would disconnect :(. But RM told us that she called us Momma and Babba quite a few times :)!!  We were on the call for about 20 minutes and got to watch her run and play:-)

I only have a few pictures of our first meeting:) I grabbed my phone and took a picture of the computer screen a few times, but it is forever engraved in my heart:)

I saved my favorite photo for last. It was the first time she actually saw us. She looked at us and gave us a HUGE SMILE as if she recognized us:) It still brings tears to my eyes!

We are so so so lucky to have been given the blessing to be her Mom and Dad:)

Now, Please LOA, Hurry up!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012