Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's in a Name?

Call off the adoption! We have reached a point of contention... Lee won't give, I won't give. It's all over! We can't agree on the most serious issue of all!

Her Name.


The SPELLING of her name :)

I know...really serious issue right? Well, if you had access to our Work Email inbox's today, you would think so, we just can't agree:)!

A special little girl named Cara Madeline told Lee and I years ago that we should name our daughter Madeline ( we were telling her how once Sarah turns 30 we were adopting a little girl). We had already had it on our list of narrowed down names and when Cara made the suggestion, we just had to do it:) It was so cute:)

Well, here comes the hard part... How do we spell it?!?!? :-) Lee likes the traditional Madeline, I was thinking Madelyn. Neither of us are backing down...and I have a feeling until we board that plane to China...one of us is going to hope the other gives in:)