Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's in a Name?

Call off the adoption! We have reached a point of contention... Lee won't give, I won't give. It's all over! We can't agree on the most serious issue of all!

Her Name.


The SPELLING of her name :)

I know...really serious issue right? Well, if you had access to our Work Email inbox's today, you would think so, we just can't agree:)!

A special little girl named Cara Madeline told Lee and I years ago that we should name our daughter Madeline ( we were telling her how once Sarah turns 30 we were adopting a little girl). We had already had it on our list of narrowed down names and when Cara made the suggestion, we just had to do it:) It was so cute:)

Well, here comes the hard part... How do we spell it?!?!? :-) Lee likes the traditional Madeline, I was thinking Madelyn. Neither of us are backing down...and I have a feeling until we board that plane to China...one of us is going to hope the other gives in:)


  1. Madelyn.... I love a Y in a little girls name, just something cute about it.

  2. I really like different spelling names so I would definitely go with Madelyn! SO very cute:)

  3. First, I'm so happy for you both! How exciting! (Lee had the link on FB)

    Three of my four kids have names with unusual spellings. With my girls, one is Loryn and everyone spells her name wrong. The other is Jaina and they spell it Jayna. We like the unusual names because of a common last name. We were told by another family years ago, "be prepared to constantly spell their name". And its a small thing but with unusual spellings, there are no premade things, like those little license plates for their bicycles or keychains or pencils...

    The Madelyn spelling is cute although I vote for Madeline. People will say the first like "-linn" and the latter like "-line"

    Regardless, its a beautiful name. Meaning "tower". Tower of strength is a lovely mantle to carry. Friends, family, and ppl will come to her for her strength and wisdom.

    You could compromise like hubs and I did...two middle, one first...a middle name each of us loved and a first we both agreed on. Hehe.

    PS. You'll have to buy her a yellow hat :) like the book abt the little French girl, Madeline (my girls loved her!).

  4. I was thinking what Jenn B. Was thinking - they would be pronounced differently! Madeline is more classic, while I think Madelyn is more trendy! Both super, super darling!

  5. Just stopped by to check out your blog! :)

    Thanks again for being a part of our summer campaign ~ *A Summer Wish*!!!!

    As far as the name issue is concerned....

    I love Madeline! Just my two cents. ;)

    AOW~Sponsorship Director

  6. Congrats on your adoption journey! What a wonderful and exciting time. Madeline is a beautiful name and I have to say, I love the traditional spelling. If I am not mistaken, Lee's maternal grandmother's name is Madeline, so there's some family history there! :)