Thursday, August 18, 2011


Seems to be the nature of Chinese adoptions:) But I know it will be worth it:) In the mean time, we are keeping busy enjoy the summer with friends, and finishing up some last little details in decorating our home. I find myself wandering into what will be Madelines room and daydreaming about actually SEEING her in there:)
I've already got her room all planned out, we just need to know who and how old she will be:) We originally were going to have her in the larger bonus room, but decided instead that the room at the front of the house is much cuter...even though half the size, and alot girly'er. Well, and ALOT less work for the Dad to be to prep. No installing closets or closing off "windows".

For those of you who have asked where we are at in the process...:)
Our Homestudy is back in the hands of our social worker for edits and additions. Once that's done, and our agency approves it, We fill out a I800A form...and wait another 2 plus months for approval on that. I'll post a timeline on my next blog entry :) But...almost there:)!

In the mean time, we are enjoying Quality time with our Canine Kids :) Who were SCARED TO DEATH that they were about to get a bath in that river on our hike. Aren't dog's supposed to love water?


  1. So happy for you two. What adorable furry children you have there! :) I have 2 as well. They are wonderful and full of unconditional love, like that of a child. :) I wish you well in your journey to find your exciting! They couldn't find a better mommy and daddy for her. Hugs~ DeeDee

  2. I think my girls' room is my favorite room in my house. I dont know - so many days spent dreaming and wondering what it was going to be like filled with a little girl (or 2!) I cant wait for madeline's room to have a screaming girl in it ;)