Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Much A'Do about nothing

Nothing really new to post about our adoption. Just drudging through all the paperwork. There was a particular little toddler we had hoped to adopt, however, the moment her file was listed, a family quickly locked it. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement ( as we have watched her grow over the last year...sent money for her to go on field trips ETC...) But, in the end, the peace is that God placed her in the family HE intended for her.

We are making good progress on our paperwork, but our homestudy is still ( in sorts) frozen. Our social worker wants to hold off on proceeding until he receives the FBI finger print clearance. But, even if we are DTC ( Dossier to China) September, we for sure won't be able to travel until Jan-March of next year. That's only 6-9 months away, but it feels like a lifetime!

We are still toying with ideas for her room. I found this ADORABLE bed, and had this grand idea about a castle theme room with chandelier's, silk curtains, ETC. I found the perfect bed...until I saw the price
$23,000.00 FOR A BED??? ARE THEY NUTS? I guess it's safe to say this room
idea is OUT :)


  1. Although it is a very cute bed...I highly doubt it is worth that price :)

  2. Hi Sarah! Welcome to the wonderful world of paper chasing for that baby girl! She will be worth every prayer :-) I can't wait to see what you decide to do for Madeline's room - I am sure it will be adorable! I can't wait until you know her face - God already knows! How cool is that?