Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And so it begins:)

We had our first Home study visit on Monday the 2nd. My nerves were shattered and I sat there in the formal living room just contemplating all the things that could go wrong. What if he didn't like us? What if he thought I would be a bad Mom..what if what if....:) In the end it was just fine :) Well, with the exception that I broke one of our formal dining room chairs as I tried to scoot it up to the table with too much pressure. The loud crack as the nail broke the wood made it fall embarrassingly silent, as both Lee and the social worker stared at me. I could feel my cheeks turn cherry red! Not exactly what one would want to follow a conversation on China's BMI requirements and how my weight was pushing them ( Note to self: Increase running from 2 times a week, to 7:-) My lovable husband quickly quipped in and directed the attention back to the current topic ( taking the attention off what just happened) But other than probably.the.most.embarrising.moment.in.my.life everything else was a cake walk:)
We haven't started Madeline's room yet, given we won't know her age. We decided to use our bonus room that is at the top of our stairs since it's the larger of the 3 rooms we had been contemplating on. But we have to wall it off as it has decorative cutouts. Here is the before pictures, I'll post the after when they are done:)


  1. AWEEEEE ! I'm so elated for you guys! How truly very incredibly amazing & wonderful!

  2. that sounds like something i would do!!!

    love ya