Thursday, August 2, 2012

I can't believe it

I am sitting here at work, one week away from Take off, and I still can't wrap my mind around what is about to happen.:-)!

It feels like the next week is going to drag on and on, but I can say in 10 days I hold our daughter for the first time..Wow:)

We will be blogging while in China ( even though I have really neglected it lately...thanks FB:-). I think I remember how to post a link to my blog on my FB wall...? Oh well, I'm sure I"ll figure it out:-)

Picture from our Skype session earlier this year:-)


  1. Just catching up on you guys...congrats! What exciting news. Safe travels to you all.

  2. 8 days left! so excited for you!!!

  3. Yes! Go get her! I can't wait to follow along so don't forget all of us cheering you on in bloggy land!

  4. Today is the day!!!!! I can hardly breath just thinking about the joy and anxiety you must be feeling! God loves you so Big V family! Did you hear that, FAMILY!!! Not just a couple anymore, a family!!! Love you guys!

  5. I'm DYING for a photo to be posted!!! Hope all is going well. Don't hesitate to email if you need help or advice or anything!