Monday, November 28, 2011

100 Good Wishes

In Northern China there is a tradition to make a Bai Jia Bei, or "100 Good wishes quilt". It's customary to invite friends and family to participate by sending in a 8x8 (prefer 100 percent cotton) piece of fabric. The fabric is then sewn together into a quilt that will wrap the child in luck, energy and good wishes. :) These quilts are passed down from generation to generation. (Disclaimer: Found these pictures online, this is not my quilt)

Along with the piece of fabric, a wish for Madeline:) It can be a Bible Verse, a prayer...anything :). This part can be written on a sticky note, or you can go very elaborate with a deocrated notecard. Anything works:) These "Good wishes" are put into a book for Madeline. Each card will correspond with a square on the quilt ( if your fabric and wish card don't match, I will cut a small piece of the fabric and attach :-)

Lee and I would love for you all to participate:) Message me on facebook, or here and I can send you my address:)


  1. This is an amazing idea I LOVE it!!! I have never heard of this until now. Very special! Is it too late to join in? I would love to send you something. Hopefully someday I can meet the little angel! :)If I can, message me on my facebook.:)


  2. We would love to send one over! I'll make sure to send you some pictures when I get to see your angel in a few days!