Friday, March 11, 2011

We did it!

We submitted our application. We decided to go back to the place that it all started, Blu C sushi:) The employee's there were so patient! They let us stay 30-40 minutes after they were closed so we could finish. I knew being a frequent visitor would benefit us some day :)
The app took much longer than we thought, and our internet connection got spotty as we hit submit. So, we (by mistake) submitted the application three times, and got billed twice.
We called our adoption agency, Great Wall to inform them of the error. However, they were already aware! They had seen we paid twice, and had already started the refund process. If they are this on top of things, this will be a smooth process. Now, we wait for approval... :) The first picture is the start, the last one ( where we are both exhausted and frazzled) is when we completed it ...2 hours later... :) They also have to be quite possibly the WORST pictures of either one of us ( no fault of the picture taker...we were just exhausted:)
Lee and Sarah VanG.

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  1. This is so exciting, I'm so happy for you two!!!